Max Limol dissects the sneaker universe !

In October 2015, Max Limol introduces the sneaker culture to a wide audience thanks to his book “Sneaker culture, 100 mythical sneakers" – Hugo publishing.

He is able, thanks to this first book in Europe about sneaker culture and a huge interest by the media, to seduce enthusiasts as well as novices.

In 2019, he published his second opus, “50 shades of Sneakers Culture", in English, for the international readers.

As the sneaker culture expert, Max Limol is invited on a regular basis by medias for collaborations, articles, interviews… (Le Monde, La Dépêche, Les Inrocks, Negus, Télérama, 20 minutes, le Figaro, le Parisien, l’Equipe mag, BFM business, France Inter, Europe 1, France 2 & 3, France Bleue …).

« Willing to explore a surprising, one of a kind, original culture? Max Limol will take you to the sneaker culture »

Conferences / Consulting

This is not a sport shoe, this is a culture !

For years, Max Limol has been co hosting conferences about the sneaker culture and phenomenon in France and abroad.

Through the numerous dimensions of the sneaker culture, Max Limol connects the dots between passion, self accomplishment, inspiration and success.

Inspired and inspiring speaker, he participated to the famous TEDx conferences in Toulouse in June 2017.

Max Limol also animates seminars, conferences, team building activities. He proposes sneakers culture classes for universities

« Because every pair has a story »


“Why sneakers culture should a part of your srategy?"

Sport equipment manufacturers, footwear brands, distributors, but also communication or event agencies, advertisers… In a few years, the sneaker culture has become a branding communication strategy which must be mastered.

With an extensive 30-year experience in the sneaker universe, Max Limol and his team legitimacy is backed up by several complementary skills: Technics, design and product conception, marketing, distribution and strategy and their deep sneaker culture and codes knowledge.

They offer their expertise on several field through tailored consulting mission: Technical expertise / product launch study / market researches / trends and positioning / Communication and events.

« We’re advising you to keep you from a faux pas »


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As an event organiser or a consultant, Max Limol creates federative events about the sneaker culture.

His tailored concepts talks to a wide audience thanks to the variety of topics raised (sports, youth, society, arts, history).

This topics allow everybody to access culture thanks to the original sneaker angle.

After work party, exhibit, seminars, conferences, team building, etc … “